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      1. 紡織網 請登錄 注冊 忘記密碼
        風險評估 產業鏈 交易中心 企業郵局 B2B研究中心 聯系我們 瀏覽舊版


        網站首頁 公司介紹 產品展示 求購信息 招聘信息 聯系方式 0577-86570999



        電 話0577-86570999

        傳 真0577-86570999

        郵 箱lijianguangwenzhou@163.com

        地 址溫州市龍灣白樓下機場大道3360-1

        網 址http://www.ruidazb.com/


        公司實行科學管理機制,高度重視人才的引進和培養。采用計算機技術網絡系統和電腦監控設施管理。瑞達公司秉承“客戶即上帝、以人為本、以客為尊”,堅持以“質量第一、誠信為本”為宗旨。擁有齊備的人才、豐富的經驗、一流的實驗室, 一批經驗豐富、技術專精的優秀管理人才、一支訓練有素的員工隊伍,集思廣益,確保公司服務體系的全方位、一體化。
        Wenzhou Ruida Label Weaving Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. Located in Longwan district in Wenzhou city, Ruida now is a trademark weaving company specialized in developing, manufacturing, designing and selling Trademark Weaving mark, Trademark Weaving ribbon, cloth label, Printing mark, Washing mark, Weaving printing, Weaving epaulet, Weaving embroidery, Tag, garment accessories, Shoe's Trademark, and so on. Equipped with the leading apparatus from other countries, we also offer one package service including ultrasonic cutting, cut folding, laser cutting and serging, etc. Now, our products are well sold in over 20 cities of China.
        Laying great stresses on the introduction and training of talents, Ruida establishes good management system and adopts computer network and computer to supervise daily operation. Ruida takes “customer is god, human orient, customer-priority”, and “quality first, honest business” as philosophy. Relying on experienced technicians, rich experiences, well-equipment labs, skilled managers and well-trained work team, Ruida puts heads together and strives to offer integrated and omnidirectional service.
        Ruida Label Weaving Co., Ltd works for your satisfactions, Ruida is helping clients establishing perfect brand status!
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